Wine – cost effective (average $6 per/bottle) with up to 75% less sulphites than commercial wine! A healthier wine solution!

The wines of the Naked Vine

“Made by you, for you!  Share with family, friends, even clients! Enjoy virtually sulphite free wine handcrafted at The Naked VINE!”

Located in the heart of Bolton, sisters Candice and Vera (Caledon Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013) have owned and operated this popular boutique wine store for the past nine years. Stocked with unique, themed décor items and all the accoutrements associated with making, cellaring and bottling wine, we have what you seek! Beautiful gifts, olive oils and a wine to love with up to 75% fewer sulphites!

Affordable and sourced from vineyards around the world, The Naked Vine stocks simply great wine! If you’re looking for something other than wine, taste specialty Olive Oils (including an Organic Oil ranked #1 in the World in 2014) imported directly from Spain. Both are available in beautiful, custom designed, personalized bottles.

Still not convinced? Consider complementing your existing wine collection with a wine you create and bottle yourself. Great for gift giving and no experience required! Just a half hour of your time and a willingness to have fun is all you need.

“Come on in! Spend a little time at The Naked Vine and make yourself a great tasting wine!”

Visit the websites below to visit our suppliers and determine which wines might work best for you.




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