Olive Oil

etched Olive Oil Bottle copyOlive Oil has amazing health properties that are becoming unrivaled. The overall therapeutic qualities included a reduction of risk factors contributing to coronary heart disease, prevention of some cancers, and alterations of immune and inflammation throughout the body.  Olive oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, which is recognized for amazing longevity and prosperity.   2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil each day, has been recommended by cardiologists to benefit your health and well being,

The Naked Vine offers a variety of unique high quality olive oils for you to enjoy or give as gifts to family and friends.  Olive Oil selections can be customized using gorgeously sand-blasted bottles, engraved with your name and message, leaving a lasting impression.




Organic, Biodynamic Finca La Torre `SELECTION`: Estate Bottled, 500 ml

#1 ranked organic in world 2014 – German Certified Biodynamic Agriculture:  DEMETER Certification.    See:  www.worldsbestoliveoils.org    scroll down to organics ranking

Extremely low acidity of 0.1, Hojiblanca Monovarietal, rich/bold style.  Estate produced and bottled.

Producer:  Finja la Reja, Malaga, Southern Spain.





Full Moon: Estate Bottled, 500ml

Extremely low 0.1 acidity, Arbequina Monovarietal, delicate style.   Estate produced and bottled – Integrated Crop Production to protect the environment and human health.

Olives crushed within one hour of harvest ONLY during October`s Full Moon week.   Very fresh experience.

Very limited production.  As the New York Dean & Deluca`s website indicates:

“Fascinated by the name of this exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we asked our friends at Spain`s Pago Baldios San Carlos how they came up with it. Apparently, the Arbequina olives that this oil is made from are picked every year during the full moon in October, when the olives are sufficiently ripe, yet still green enough, to produce an oil that is unparalleled in flavor and aroma. Mythologically speaking, rumor has it that the olives picked during a full moon have aphrodisiac qualities. Sadly, all we can guarantee in the way of love is that you`ll absolutely adore this amazing oil.”              


Parqueoliva Gold Series, 500ml KOSHER

Extremely low 0.1 acidity.  Picudo & Hojiblanca Coupage – medium intensity,  complex. Denomination of Origin Priego de Cordoba

Producer:  `In top 10`  ranked producer in the world – Almazaras de la Subbetica, Southern Spain`s Cordoba region (See The World`s Best Olive Oils website – 2014 results) .  Certified Kosher by the Union of Orthodox Rabbies of Spain – Recognized by The Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Olives crushed within 3 to 5 hours of harvest.

Less than 2% of premium groves are used for this oil.  Small-family owned olive groves have to be accepted into the cooperative and trained, technicians choose best quality olive groves at harvest, each batch is tested for chemical purity and tasted for decision on whether accepted for Parqueoliva Gold Series or assigned to  mass-market brands.

The non-Organic version of Rincon de la Subbetica although trees are situated in mountain region generally at 70% inclines making it very natural cultivation due to physical barriers.  Extensive annual international recognition includes over 50 special mentions/awards since 2006 in Addition to 7 `Best of Spain` Awards from the Spanish government since 2004:


Fuenroble Estate Bottled 500 ml

Extremely low 0.1 acidity, Picual Monovarietal, rich/bold style – very elegant.  Estate Produced and Bottled.  Extremely high in antioxidants per laboratory analysis. 

Producer:  Potosi 10 in Jaen, southern Spain`s Andalucia region.

The Heartland of world productlion.  Best in World for intense (2012) and quality/quantity (2013) – Flos Olei Guide to the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the World, with 6 international awards in 2013.  Beatufil , deep emerald green colour.

Olives crushed within 3 to 5 hours of harvest.
Twice named Best Olive Oil in the World in the Flos Olei Guide to the World`s Best EVOO compiled by 50+ international tasters. Out of approx. 400 oils listed in the annual guide as top oils, 20 oils are chosen yearly as the best of the best under different categories.


Gasull 500 ml

Low Less than 0.3% acidity – Delicate Style

Kosher & Limited Production without pesticides. NEW FOR 2014:  Gasull signed an agreement with the GEPEC School of naturalists for the protection of declining population of barn owls.  Barn owls will be raised amongst the olive groves without the use of herbicides.

Producer:  Moli d`Oli Gasull, North-Eastern Spain

“Arbequina” olives grown on the Reus and Constantí estates just outside Tarragona, south of Barcelona in the eastern Mediterranean. The olives are hand-harvested and transported to the producerr-owned mill close to the estate to be milled at a low temperature during the night.

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