Wine Tasting

What to look for in the taste.. Knowing how to taste wine properly will allow you to fully enjoy all your efforts and allow you to explore and identify all the different characteristics of many different types of wine. The first step is to pick and hold the glass by the stem. This is to […]

Wine aging White and Red

It continues to mature.. Wine continually develops for the first six months or even longer in your bottles, constantly maturing as it ages. Most white wines are ready to drink as soon as they are bottled, in essence, you may want to enjoy their youthful freshness right away. If you decide however to make your […]

Selecting a Wine

The 3 P’s – Price, Pairing, Preference..   Price The price you are willing to pay (or not pay) for a bottle of wine is a key determining factor in selecting a wine that is right for you. Gone are the days when you could only buy a “good” bottle of wine for over $30. […]

Proper wine storage is very important

Cool, Calm, Collected.. Once your wine is bottled, you should store the bottles in a cool, dimly lit, moderately humid, and relatively quiet place. Constant exposure to light will produce unwanted chemical reactions in wine and cause it to deteriorate. Ultraviolet light has the greatest effect and white wines are the most vulnerable. Wine should […]

What’s in a Name?

How to Pronounce.. Have you ever wondered how to properly pronounce your favourite wine? Here is a list of terms that are writen out phonetically. Now you can sound like an expert. Whites BORDEAUX – bore doe BRIS DE MER – breeze deh mair CHABLIS – shah blee CHARDONNAY – shar doh nay CHENIN BLANC – shen in blahnk FRENCH COLOMBARDE – call om bar GEWURZTRAMINER – gah vertz […]

The Wine Making Process

So simple, yet so good.. The Naked Vine’s proven method of creating high quality, award-winning wines will take between 4-8 weeks depending on which Kit and/or Juice you have chosen. After you have chosen your favourite wine, or selected a new wine that you have yet to try, the initial startup takes only 10-15 minutes. […]

Serving Wine

More than just pouring a glass.. A good wine is suitable for all occasions, from a casual get-together to an elegant reception. If the wine is to be served with a meal, remember that wine and food are partners, and as such, each should complement and enhance each other. In planning your meal, expect to […]

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